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How do I schedule a Video Consultation?

You can schedule a Video Consultation during my online office hours: Monday to Friday, 11am to 4pm. Send an email to with your preferred date and time, and a brief overview of the work you'd like to discuss.

What is the Scope of Work Surcharge?

Sometimes, your editing needs may go beyond the standard scope of work. If you require particularly comprehensive editing, the surcharge may apply to your quotation and/or final invoice. This is based on an initial assessment of your work or the duration/extension of the editing service (e.g. repeat rounds of editing). The surcharge does not apply to proofreading services.

Can I get a quotation?

Absolutely. Quotations are issued before any service is rendered, based on a brief assessment of the editing required.

Can I submit the same paper more than once?

No matter who edits your work, it's important to limit third party input. It's why I often avoid editing the same piece of work more than once. Remember, this is still your work and the integrity of your writing should never be compromised. However, I am happy to discuss every student's needs and aim to assist as much as I can.

Can I email you directly?

Yes! If you are unsure about which service may be right for you, or have any other questions, please send an email to I do my best to respond to everyone within the same working day.

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